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Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)

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Sapa is located in the highlands of Northern Vietnam. This land is considered the home of different minorities. Tourists may know about a Sapa Village Vietnam called Cat Cat Village. However, there are different villages that own typical cultural values and traditions of minorities in Sapa.

Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)
Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)

Sun Getaways Travel would like to introduce you to the top 7 most peaceful Sapa Village in Vietnam. Let’s take a look!

Sapa Village Vietnam Introduction

Known as a rural town located in northwestern Vietnam, Sapa can be found near the border between Vietnam and China. It is nestled in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range with a height of 1,600 meters compared to the sea level. The town has a reputation for its marvelous rice terraces and is the land settling down of several ethnic minority groups such as the Hmong and Yao people.

In Sapa, there are the 7 top biggest villages attracting a lot of tourists coming and exploring. The top list includes Cat Cat Village Sapa, Lao Chai Village  Sapa, Sin Chai Village Sapa, Ta Van Village, Ta Phin Village Sapa, Y Linh Ho Village Sapa, and Ho Village Sapa.

Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)
Trekking road to Lao Chai Village Vietnam in Sapa – Sun Getaways Travel

Moreover, these places have magnificent sceneries that make anyone’s heart melt. Tourists can also spend day by day to experience cultural daily life and traditional features of local minorities. Besides the villages, visiting Sapa cannot ignore discovering well-known tourist attractions here such as Fansipan Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Tram Ton Pass, and so on.

How to Get to Sapa?

There are several ways to get to Sapa. However, you should visit Hanoi first and then use another means of transport to reach Sapa Town. Hence, how to get to Sapa from Hanoi? You can go to Sapa from Hanoi by private car, motorbike, taxi, bus, or train.

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Best Time to Visit Sapa Village Vietnam

The best time to visit Sapa should be the dry season from March to May. The weather during this time is mild and sunny. Moreover, the average daily temperature ranges from 15-20 degrees Celsius. This weather will be perfect for people to discover Sapa’s natural beauty and join extracurricular activities such as trekking or climbing mountains.

Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)
Sapa Cat Cat Village Vietnam – Sun Getaways Travel

Most importantly, when traveling to Sapa from May to August, tourists will have an opportunity to admire the beauty of terraced rice fields. However, if you do not want to join the trip with crowds, let’s visit Sapa in the winter from December to February! You will be free to do whatever you want and watch snowflakes in Sapa.

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Top 7 Sapa Village Vietnam

Cat Cat Village

First of all, let’s discover Cat Cat Village – the most well-known village in Sapa! Cat Cat Village is the home of the H’mong ethnic. The village is located in the southwest of Sapa Town – 2 kilometers from the city center and nestled on the foot of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range.

Cat Cat Village Sapa - The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa
Cat Cat Fall and Water wheels in Sapa

Every year, thousands of travelers visit Cat Cat Village Sapa Vietnam to learn about the local life and traditions of Hmong cultures. Also, people will be overwhelmed due to the ancient wild beauty,  the majestic mountain scenery, and the golden rice terraces surrounding the village.

Lao Chai Village

Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)
Lao Chai Village Vietnam in Sapa – Sun Getaways Travel

Lao Chai Village will be another name mentioned in the top list of Sapa Village Vietnam. About 9 kilometers from Sapa Town, Lao Chai Village has a peaceful beauty with numerous lush terraced rice fields covered around it. Especially, the road leading to Lao Chai Village makes people fall in love due to the unbelievable and picturesque view of the endless fields. Tourists often choose to go trekking to Lao Chai Village Sapa Vietnam to admire this rare beauty.

Sin Chai Village

Travelers can find Sin Chai Village Sapa near Cat Cat Village – only 2 kilometers away. Thus, this is quite convenient for tourists to visit Sin Chai Village after discovering Cat Cat Village. This village has still kept its aboriginal appearance because it was not destroyed too much by tourism development and projects.

Sin Chai Village Sapa in Vietnam – Sun Getaways Travel

Hence, that is the reason why this village is such a quiet place for people to enjoy the fresh air and natural landscapes. They also can recharge their energy and refresh their minds after busy days in vibrant noisy cities.

Ta Van Village

You can get to Ta Van Village Sapa Vietnam only 3 kilometers from Lao Chai Village Sapa. This is the living place of Giay ethnic and other Sapa minorities. This area is the most developed tourism with a large number of homestays.

Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)
Ta Van Village Sapa in Vietnam – Sun Getaways Travel

Travelers also select this place to stay overnight and glimpse Muong Hoa Spring passing by the village with endless terraced rice pads. Moreover, you also have a chance to see village people Ta Van Sapa Vietnam going to the field every morning and experiencing the daily life of people living here.

Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin Village is the habitat of Red Yao and Hmong people in Sapa. It is quite far from Sapa Town – about 12 kilometers from the city center. Hence, tourists need to spend about 24 minutes getting to Ta Phin Village. Visitors will find various interesting information about the customs and traditions of the Hmong and Red Yao people. Tourists can experience herbal baths and massages – a very famous activity in Ta Phin Village Sapa Vietnam.

Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)
Ta Phin Village in Sapa – Sun Getaways Travel

The village is situated inside the valley and is covered by green mountains. Its fame comes from the wild natural beauty and the fresh atmosphere surrounding it. Especially, people have discovered different wild caves here with twinkling stalactites. Thus, tourists also can visit the village and explore these caves.

Y Linh Ho Village

One of the top Sapa trekking destinations – Y Linh Ho Village is truly an ideal place for backpackers and visitors. Y Linh Ho Village is located quite far from the Sapa town – totally isolated from the noisy city and crowds. The village surrounded by Hoang Lien Son Mountain Ranges possesses the irresistible beauty of peaceful Muong Hoa Spring and lush green terraced rice fields.

Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)
Y Linh Ho Sapa Village Vietnam – Sun Getaways Travel

When trekking on the way to Y Linh Ho Village Sapa Vietnam, a breathtaking view, and winding village lanes along with full colorful wildflowers are waiting for you. You will be surprised by to residents’ friendliness and enthusiasm. Moreover, it is incredible when you can feel the breath of Sapa Mother Nature through the fresh air of green forests and mountains.

Ho Village

Finally, Ho Village Sapa will be the last name listed in our top list. Ho village is the farthest area for people to visit from Sapa Town. People have to commute the 30-kilometer road to reach the village. Ho Village belongs to the Tay people – a minority living in Sapa. The Tay Village is famous for crooked lanes with marvelous landscapes.

Top 7 Most Peaceful Sapa Village Vietnam (Must Visit)
Ho Village Sapa Vietnam – Sun Getaways Travel

Furthermore, this village possesses a variety of floras and faunas, beautiful waterfalls and springs, and smooth hills. Locals living in Ho Village Sapa Vietnam are extremely hospitable. You can stay in their homestays, experience life in stilt houses, and the Tay’s customs.

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Travel Tips to Sapa Village in Vietnam

Here are some tips for tourists to visit Vietnam Sapa village:

  • When visiting the ethnic villages around Sapa, you should pay attention to your outfit. You have better dress modestly and respect local customs.
  • Moreover, do not forget to ask for permission before photographing villagers! If not, your behaviors are quite rude to them.
  • There are many tribes still practicing animist beliefs. Thus, you need to prevent touching religious objects without locals’ consent.
  • Tourists should check weather forecasts regularly because the weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains without realization.


In conclusion, Sun Getaways Travel has just shared all about the best villages in Sapa you must visit. We hope that our Sapa’s top 7 ethnic villages can give you enough information for your trip. Let’s reread our Sapa Village Vietnam list and choose the best one for yourself!


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