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Tram Ton Pass Sapa – The Majestic Creator of Nature

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Tram Ton Pass Sapa - The Majestic Creator of Nature
Tram Ton Pass Sapa – The Majestic Creator of Nature

Are you ready to discover the most beautiful pass in Northern Vietnam – Tram Ton Pass Sapa, also called by the name Ô Quy Hồ Pass? Let’s spend a bit of time discovering this incredible and breathtaking pass with Sun Getaways Travel!

Tram Ton Pass Introduction

O Quy Ho Pass – or known as Tram Ton Pass Sapa, is one of the masterpieces of nature in Sapa. In the Vietnam North highland, there are the top 4 most majestic passes in Sapa and Tram Ton Pass is one of them. Moreover, Tram Ton Pass is also famous for being the largest and most marvelous one. It is a hot spot attracting thousands of travelers each year.

Travel Guide to Tram Ton Pass, Sapa, Vietnam

O Quy Ho Pass location

Located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range Sapa, Tram Ton Pass is known as the boundary point between Lai Chau and Lao Cai. The pass is at 2000 meters in height when compared to the sea level. Hence, when standing on the mountain top, you can admire the beauty of dense clouds. That is the reason why locals often call this pass not only Tram Ton Pass, O Quy Ho Pass but also Cloud Pass or Sky Gate.

How to get to Tram Ton Pass Sapa?

There are different means of transport for tourists to go to Tram Ton Pass. For instance, you can get there by car, motorbike or easily take a taxi. The distance from Sapa city center to Tram Ton Pass is roughly 12 kilometers.

However, we highly recommend you rent a motorbike to enjoy the whole fresh atmosphere. During the road, you can drop by some tourist attractions such as Silver Waterfall Sapa, Love Waterfall, or Hoang Lien National Park to see the natural landscapes here.

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Best time to visit Tram Ton Pass

Tram Ton Pass Sapa - The Majestic Creator of Nature
Tram Ton Pass Sapa – The Majestic Creator of Nature

The best time to visit Tram Ton Pass or Sapa should be in the summer season to ensure your safety. In summer, it is mild, a bit breezy and foggy. The street and sky are quite clear and clean, so you can easily drive a motorbike to explore the pass.

Besides, winter is also recommended for people who would like to visit O Quy Ho Pass Sapa Vietnam. The weather will be a bit different between the two sides of the pass. On Lai Chau’s side, the pass will be covered by foggy and cool air. In contrast, the weather is warmer in Lao Cai.

Moreover, tourists will have a chance to witness the beautiful white snow with snowflakes in winter. If you would like to glimpse the Sapa beauty in white, let’s bring warm clothes and visit Tram Ton Pass in winter!

The History of Tram Ton Pass

Locally, the name Tram Ton Pass is less common than the name O Quy Ho Pass Sapa. Although the pass was officially named Tram Ton Pass, the name “O Quy Ho Pass” resonates more deeply with locals due to its connection to a heartbreaking love story from the past.

Tram Ton Pass Sapa - The Majestic Creator of Nature
Tram Ton Pass Sapa – The Majestic Creator of Nature

According to locals, long ago there was a man who fell deeply in love with a beautiful girl. However, their love was not meant to be because they could not be together and were forbidden somehow. Overcome by longing and sadness, the distraught young woman was transformed into a yellow bird. Each day she would perch on the peak of the pass, crying out the name of her lost love “O Quy Ho”. That is the reason why locals often call it with the name Ô Quy Hồ Pass now.

Top Things to Do in Tram Ton Pass?

Admire Tram Ton Pass beauty

The first thing to do is to admire Tram Ton Pass’s beauty at 2000 meters in height. From the pass, you can watch the panorama of Sapa view with a green mountain range, blue sky, and dense white clouds. The scenery is breathtaking and picturesque. Furthermore, you should not miss the sunset and sunrise moments in Tram Ton Pass. You can take a lot of magnificent photos and save beautiful memories.

Discover Sapa waterfalls

As you know, the road leading to Sapa Tram Ton Pass from Sapa will pass by different destinations such as Sapa waterfalls. You can visit Silver Waterfall or Love Waterfall to feel the marvelous vibe of Mother Nature.

Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall Sapa - A Majestic Attraction in Vietnam
Love Waterfall Sapa – A Majestic Attraction in Vietnam

Silver Waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Sapa. With 200 meters in height, Silver Waterfall has a strong beauty like a tiger in the jungle. As you visit this waterfall, you will see two bridges on different sides of the fall. Plus, it is great when you get on these bridges and admire the waterfall’s scenery from the highest point.

Love Waterfall

Love Waterfall Sapa - A Hidden Story Inside Sapa Beauty
Love Waterfall Sapa – A Hidden Story Inside Sapa Beauty

Additionally, Love Waterfall is another stunning destination in Sapa you should not ignore. Located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, the fall is about 14 kilometers far from Sapa city center. If the Silver Waterfall brings a strong feeling and marvelous vibe, the Love Waterfall has a gentle beauty, and the water flows like the peaceful melody of a love song.

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What to Eat in O Quy Ho Pass?

Going on the trip to Tram Ton Pass provides you with an interesting experience. One of the must-try activities is to enjoy the specialties of Northeast Vietnam. There are Thang Co, grilled fish or stewed lean meat for you to try. Plus, a lot of people fall in love with five-color sticky rice due to its special flavor and colorful appearance. Salmon hotpot is also a famous dish in Sapa that you should not miss. It helps you to warm your body in the cold air.

Where to Stay Near O Quy Ho Pass?

As a hot tourist location in Sapa, it is reasonable when there are a lot of accommodations built to serve tourists. Here are the top 10 best homestays and hotels in Sapa for people to stay and relax:

  • Heaven Gate Hotel O Quy Ho
  • Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa
  • Samu Green Hotel
  • Beautiful Sapa Boutique Hotel
  • Sapa Dao Homestay
  • Sapa Cloudy Mountain Hostel
  • Minh Thanh Sapa Hotel
  • Sapa Signature Inn – Hostel
  • Ta Phin Lodge Sapa
  • Viet Flower Hotel Sapa

Frequently Asked Questions

Tram Ton Pass Sapa - The Majestic Creator of Nature
Tram Ton Pass Sapa – The Majestic Creator of Nature
What makes Tram Ton Pass Sapa Vietnam special?

The main reason is due to its breathtaking views filled with snowflakes on cold days and the tranquility and peace that people feel when coming here. Moreover, Ô Quy Hồ Pass has a reputation for being the highest pass in the Northeast of Vietnam, so people can easily see the clouds floating on the top of the pass. Plus, it has a significant meaning when known as the crossing point between Lai Chau and Lao Cai.

Are there any facilities or restaurants at the pass?

There are currently no permanent facilities or restaurants located right at Tram Ton Pass. Hence, hikers should bring their own food, water, and supplies to ensure they have a backup product to recharge their energy. You can find some small shops and local eateries in nearby villages lower down the mountain.


In conclusion, Sapa O Quy Ho Pass is a perfect spot for visitors to have the best experience in Sapa. Sun Getaways Travel has just shared with you all the details about the Tram Ton Pass. We wish you the best trips in Sapa, Vietnam.


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