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Sapa in September – Climates and Top Tourist Attraction List

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Visiting Sapa in September is a good choice because the weather is milder than in August. However, your trip to Sapa will not be perfect if do not know where to go, where to eat, or what to do. Refer to this article to get more information and organize the most memorable Sapa ever!

Sapa in September - Climates & Top List of Tourist Attractions
Sapa in September – Climates & Top List of Tourist Attractions

What is the Weather in Sapa in September like?

How is the Sapa weather in September? As the transition time from the wet season to the dry season, the atmosphere in Sapa is cool, and less rain than it is in August. The average tempt will range from 18 Celcius degrees to 25 Celcius degrees. This time is ideal for extracurricular activities such as trekking in Sapa in September or conquering mountains. 

Should We Visit Sapa in September?

Is it good to visit Sapa Vietnam in September? In September, Sapa is in autumn. Everyone often says that autumn is the most beautiful season of the year, and that is also one of the reasons why you should visit Sapa in September. Sapa in autumn possesses an incredible beauty that anyone should not miss.

Sapa in September - Climates & Top List of Tourist Attractions
Sapa in September – Climates & Top List of Tourist Attractions

During this time, the weather is mild, and less chances to face heavy rain. Hence, you can join outdoor activities and explore the beauty of Sapa in autumn when the leaves gradually turn color into yellow and oranges.

How to Go to Sapa in September?

Hence, how to get to Sapa Vietnam in September? There are several means of transport for you to reach Sapa. However, before moving to Sapa, you must visit Hanoi first, and then book another vehicle to Sapa. You can get to Hanoi by train, bus, or plane. Moreover, booking a private car or renting a motorbike is also a good option. In this way, you will feel more comfortable and have personal space to relax.

Sapa Vietnam in November - Sun Getaways Travel
Hanoi to Sapa map – Sun Getaways Travel
  • You may care about other means of transportation to get to Sapa, read this post for more information: How to Get to Sapa Vietnam? Top Travel Guide and Tips for Tourists

Top List of Activities and Tourist Attractions

Go trekking and conquer Fansipan Mountain

Known as the “Roof of Indochina”, Fansipan is listed in the top 1 list of tourist destinations in Sapa. Moreover, it attracts a large number of backpackers to visit and conquer because it is considered the highest peak in Vietnam and the entire Indochina Peninsula area.

Sapa in September - Climates & Top List of Tourist Attractions
Fansipan Sapa Vietnam – Sun Getaways Travel

When visiting this mountain, you can choose to go trekking, or take the cable car to the mountaintop and watch the panoramic views of the Sapa mountains and forests. Moreover, you also have an opportunity to discover a variety of flora and fauna there.

Explore Muong Hoa Valley and visit minority villages

Muong Hoa Valley is another option for people to come and admire the picturesque landscapes in Sapa. This valley is well-known for its terraced Sapa rice fields in September and is an ideal spot to check in for beautiful pictures. Plus, tourists often set up trekking groups to explore this valley and visit some ethnic minority villages here. 

Experience traditional values in Cat Cat Village

Sapa in September - Climates & Top List of Tourist Attractions
Cat Cat Village in Sapa Vietnam – Climates & Top List of Tourist Attractions

Cat Cat Village is not a strange name for travelers who love Sapa. As one of the most famous villages, visitors come to Cat Cat Village to experience the cultures and customs of the Hmong people. Then, they will get to know more about the Hmong people’s local life. Also, people can buy some colorful handicraft products and enjoy traditional dance.

Visit Ta Phin Village, Ta Van Village, and Sin Chai Village

Ta Phin Village, Ta Van Village, and Sin Chai Village are also famous villages in Sapa. Ta Van Village is located inside Muong Hoa Valley. There are some homestays for people to stay and experience cultures. Also, Sin Chai Village is a village of the Black Hmong people. They own a very unique traditional lifestyle.

Ta Phin Village is known as a village inhabited by the Red Dao and Black Hmong ethnic groups in Sapa Vietnam. They have typical traditional houses and wild caves in the area.

Admire the beauty of Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall

Silver Waterfall Sapa - A Majestic Attraction in Vietnam
Silver Waterfall Sapa Vietnam – A Majestic Attraction in Vietnam

Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall are the top 2 majestic falls in Sapa. To get to Silver Waterfall, you need to commute about 12 km from Sapa town. Love Waterfall is located near Silver Waterfall. People adore traveling to these falls for hiking, enjoying the natural beauty, and taking memorable photos.

Hiking Ham Rong Mountain

Besides, Fansipan Mountain, Ham Rong Mountain is another place that visitors wish to visit once in their life to admire its natural views and hunt dense clouds. From the mountain peak, you can see the whole scenery of Sapa town and surrounding areas.

Buy souvenir in Sapa Market and Bac Ha Market

An activity that should not be missed in our top list of tourist attractions in Sapa in September is to visit minority markets. There are two of the biggest markets in Sapa called Sapa Market and Bac Ha Market.

As you drop into these places, you will see different goods showing and selling. Tourists can get to the markets to buy special gifts for their relatives at home. Besides, this is also a chance for people to taste local cuisine here.

What to Eat in Sapa in September?

Sapa has a reputation for different specialties such as Thang Co, Sapa pork, bamboo rice, five-colored sticky rice, salmon hotpot, or grilled foods. However, if you visit Sapa, Thang Co is a must-try dish here. Made from horse meat, organs, and bones, this dish has an unforgettable flavor that you cannot find anywhere. You can try Thang Co in Sapa Market and local restaurants.

Sapa in September - Sun Getaways Travel
Thang Co Sapa – Sun Getaways Travel

Besides, salmon hotpots and grilled foods are famous here. You had better get to hotpot restaurants to taste the original flavor of salmon hotspots and visit street food markets and night markets for the best-grilled plates such as grilled lamb.

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What to Prepare for the Trip to Sapa in September?

Here are some tips for tourists when traveling to Sapa in September:

  • First, remember to bring cash! Although Sapa has ATMs, the number of them is limited. Hence, you would rather bring more cash for a better experience in Sapa.
  • Second, you should wear a warm layer of clothes because the temperature will be down at night. The air will be cooler and colder.
  • Third, sports shoes are better than high heels because you need to walk a lot or go trekking and climb the mountain.
  • Fourth, do not forget to charge your cameras! Therefore, you can take so many beautiful photos to save memories.
  • Finally, it will be smart if you prepare a hat and sunglasses to avoid sunny, a scarf and gloves to ensure you will be get cold at night.


In conclusion, Sapa in September is worth visiting because there are a lot of interesting things for people to do and magnificent landscapes for people to see. Moreover, September is convenient for people to travel to Sapa due to the stable temperature of Sapa Vietnam weather in September, Sun Getaways Travel wishes that the article will give you an overview of Sapa in September, then experience the best Sapa tour ever.

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