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Cat Cat Village Sapa – The Most Ancient Attraction in Vietnam

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Cat Cat Village Sapa - Sun Getaways Travel
Cat Cat Tourism Village Sapa – Sun Getaways Travel

Have you ever heard about Cat Cat Village in Sapa? If yes, you should list this place as the top tourist attraction to explore when traveling to Sapa. Today, Sun Getaways Travel will show you all about Cat Cat Village Sapa Vietnam to know the reason why you should visit this village once in your life. Let’s find out!

Cat Cat Village Introduction

Cat Cat Village is one of the most renowned villages in Sapa due to not only its majestic beauty and landscapes but also its rich cultural values.  The village is a perfect location for tourists to discover woody houses as well as try Hmong traditional costumes.

Cat Cat Village Sapa - The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa
Cat Cat Village in Sapa, Vietnam – The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa

Travel Guides to Cat Cat Village


Cat Cat Village is located near Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. Hence, you should reach this mountain range first, and then you can find the village nestled under the mountain foot. Cat Cat Village is about  2 kilometers from Sapa Town.

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Cat Cat Village Sapa entrance fee

To get inside Cat Cat Village in Sapa Vietnam, visitors need to pay the entrance fee of about 150,000 VND/per ticket for an adult and 70000 VND/per ticket for a child under 1.3 meters tall. The Cat Cat Village ticket price is quite expensive but we ensure that you will not regret it.

How to get to Cat Cat Tourism Village?

To get to Cat Cat Village, you need to commute to Sapa first. Depending on your current location, there are different ways to get to Sapa. If you are in Ha Noi, the distance from Hanoi and Sapa is about 314 kilometers, which means you have to spend about 5 hours driving to Sapa.

You can go to Sapa from Hanoi by train, motorbike, or bus and private car. After reaching Sapa, you will still take a bit of time to get to Cat Cat Village from Sapa.

Cat Cat Village Sapa - The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa
Cat Cat Village Sapa – The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa

Go on foot

There are so several methods to get to Cat Cat Village from Sapa. First, you can go on foot, grab a taxi or hire a bike or a motorbike to the village.

If you choose to walk, the path is easy for you to get to the village. Also, it is incredible as you can go around and admire the picturesque scenery there on the road. The walking time is from 20 minutes to 30 minutes to Cat Cat Village on foot.

By taxi or motorbike

There are other ways to get to Cat Cat Village. You can take a taxi or rent a motorbike to get to Cat Cat Village from Sapa and vice versa. The rental cost for one-way is not expensive. Or you also can hire a motorbike to take you to Cat Cat Village.

Cat Cat Village History

Cat Cat Village was founded in the 19th century by Vietnamese local Hmong ethnic. The French people found this village and boosted it to be a famous tourist destination as also an incredible resort for people visiting on vacation in the early 20th century. However, Mong ethnic has lived, developed, and worked until now.

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What to See and Explore at Cat Cat Village?

House Architecture

Mong ethnics live in woody houses divided into three rooms. There are also three horizontal trusses with three doors. All of them are placed on different houses’ sides. The middle door is so special as locals only open it at significant events like weddings and Tet.

Cat Cat Village Sapa - The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa
Sapa Cat Cat Village – The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa

Especially, there is not much distance between each house, only a few meters. Each Hmong house will have a shrine room, a kitchen, and an attic floor for storing food. Moreover, there is a guestroom for víistors.


In Cat Cat Village, There are some interesting traditional handicraft exhibitions for tourists to explore and admire the beauty of handicrafts created by skillful artisans. Their handicraft goods are often shown in different colors such as blue, red, white, and yellow. They are in a variety of shapes. Moreover, visitors can find various jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, and rings sold here. If you want, you can purchase some to bring it home.

Traditional culture and customs

Most importantly, travelers shouldn’t miss the chance to learn about traditional culture and customs in Cat Cat Village, especially “abducting wife” – an old custom in Sapa. This custom allows a man to “kidnap” the girl that he loves and bring her home in three days. They will celebrate the wedding if the girl accepts to be the man’s wife.

Besides, the Gau Tao Holiday is famous in Cat Cat Village on the first day of Tet. This is the time when locals welcome the new year and pray for luckiness coming. Moreover, this is also the biggest holiday for Hmong in the year.

Cat Cat Fall and Water wheels

The first thing you should explore when visiting this village is Cat Cat Waterfall. Pouring from Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, Cat Cat waterfall is so marvelous as seeing from a far distance.

Cat Cat Village Sapa - The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa
Cat Cat Fall and Water wheels in Sapa

As a result, locals living here decided to build a giant woody water wheel for pounding rice. This water wheel soon became a tourist attraction and a typical icon in the village. That is the reason why a lot of people try to take at least a picture near the wheel.

Local cuisine

A must-try thing to do in Cat Cat Village is to taste local delicacies. There are different delicious dishes for you to try such as Thang Co, the most well-known dish Sapa, or Khang Ga. Additionally, it is incredible to pretend to be locals, sit in a circle, and try corn wine. This can be an unforgettable memory for your Sapa tour.

Cat Cat Market

Cat Cat Village Sapa - The Most Ancient Attraction in Sapa
Cat Cat Market – Sun Getaways Travel

Cat Cat Market is known as an open-air market in Sapa. Most goods sold here have a reasonable price with different types. People often visit this market to try delectable local foods, patent clothes, and handicraft products as well as interesting souvenirs.

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Where to Stay in Cat Cat Village?

Are you going to stay overnight at Cat Cat Village in Sapa? Here is the top list of hotels and homestays you can consider booking:

  • Cat Cat Garden Hotel – 79 Fansipan, San Sa Ho Commune, Lao Ca: About 0.4 kilometers from Cat Cat Village, this hotel is perfect for travelers to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and spectacular scenery.
  • Sapa Vista Hotel – 70 Fansipan, Sapa Town, Lao Cai, Spa Vista Hotel: Tourists just need to commute about 0.7 kilometers from Cat Cat Village, they can get to Sapa Vista Hotel. When staying there, you can admire the picturesque landscapes of mountains and forests in Sapa
  • Aira Boutique Sapa Hotel & Spa – 30 Hoang Lien Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai: The hotel is convenient for you to stay in if you would like to visit Cat Cat frequently because it is located near Cat Cat Village.

Travel Tips

  • You should not give money to children that you see on the street. They just do not want to go to school. So if you would like to help them, give them books and pencils instead.
  • It is impolite if you take photos of these children without permission. Hence, do not do it!
  • April to June or September and October are the best times to visit Cat Cat Village. The weather is good for exploring Sapa nature. 


In conclusion, Sun Getaways Travel has just shown you all the information about Cat Cat Village. If you want an authentic experience, let’s make a Cat Cat Village Sapa! We hope this article will be helpful and wish you the best Sapa tour ever.


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