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Money in Vietnam: Values, Exchange Rates, Significance

Mai Anh
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Vietnam exclusively uses its national currency, the Vietnamese Dong (abbreviated as VND), and does not commonly accept the US dollar for everyday transactions. In this blog post, Sun Getaways Travel will furnish you with crucial details regarding money in Vietnam, and ensuring smooth transactions throughout your stay.

Table of contents
  1. Different Values of Vietnamese Currency
  2. Present Currency Exchange Rates
  3. Symbols Featured on Banknotes
  4. Exchanging Currency: Procedures and Tips
  5. Useful Advice for Handling Money in Vietnam

1. Different Values of Vietnamese Currency

Let’s illustrate the VND to USD exchange rate in this section. Presently:

1 USD = 25,377 VND

Over recent years, the exchange rate has typically remained around this level. In Vietnam, physical coins are now rare. Transactions mainly involve paper currency, polymer notes, or online transfers. Paper bills come in smaller denominations compared to polymer notes.

Below is a table displaying these denominations and their equivalents in USD based on the previously mentioned exchange rate:

Different values of Vietnamese Dong


The lowest denomination in Vietnamese currency is 1,000 VND, while the highest is 500,000 VND.

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2. Present Currency Exchange Rates

Stay updated on the prevailing currency exchange rates in Vietnam to ensure smooth financial transactions during your visit. Understanding the current monetary values enables you to make informed decisions when exchanging currencies or making purchases. By keeping an eye on the exchange rates, you can effectively budget for your trip, optimize your spending, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Below is a conversion chart detailing the top 10 most heavily traded currencies worldwide into Vietnamese Dong (VND): (last updated: 8 May 2024)

CurrenciesExchanging rates 
US Dollar (USD)1 USD = 25,377 VND
Euro (EUR)1 EUR = 27,338 VND
Japanese yen (JPY)100 JPY = 16,493 VND
Pound sterling (GBP)1 GBP = 31,887 VND
Australian dollar (AUD)1 AUD = 16,810 VND
Canadian dollar (CAD)1 CAD = 18,569 VND
Swiss franc (CHF)1 CHF = 28,007 VND
Chinese renminbi (CNY)1 CNH = 3,522 VND
Hong Kong dollar (HKD)1 HKD = 3,248 VND
New Zealand dollar (NZD)1 NZD = 15,254 VND

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3. Symbols Featured on Banknotes

Explanation of Symbols on Vietnamese Banknotes

The Vietnamese dong possesses distinct features:

  • On the front side: Notable elements include a portrait of President Ho Chi Minh, the National Emblem, and the denomination presented in both numerical and written forms. Additionally, the inscription ‘SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM’ is prominently displayed.
  • On the back side: You’ll find the numerical and written denomination. Furthermore, various printed images depicting symbols representing Vietnam are featured.

Each banknote denomination showcases printed images that closely resonate with Vietnam’s heritage throughout the 20th century:

1,000Workers on elephants extracting wood in the Central Highlands
2,000Female workers at the Nam Dinh Textile Factory – once the largest textile mill in Indochina.
5,000The Tri An Hydroelectric Plant on the Đồng Nai River
10,000The Bach Ho Oil Field in the Cuu Long Basin
20,000Bridge Pagoda (Hoi An)
50,000Luong Dinh and Phu Van Pavilion (Hue’s ancient capital)
100,000Temple of Literature (Hanoi)
200,000Halong Bay UNESCO Heritage Site (Halong)
500,000Ho Chi Minh president thatched cottage (Nghe An)

4. Exchanging Currency: Procedures and Tips

At present, a significant portion of payment transactions in Vietnam can be conveniently carried out using cards and online methods. However, cash remains incredibly valuable, especially if you wish to fully engage in exploring the local culture and participate in traditional market transactions.

When looking to exchange currency for Vietnamese dong, consider these options:

  • Airport: Currency exchange kiosks or ATMs are readily available at international airports upon arrival.
  • City ATMs: Utilize Google Maps to locate ATMs for cash withdrawals in downtown areas or shopping centers.
  • Banks: Opt for banks for official exchange rates, similar to ATMs, although additional procedures may be required.
  • Local exchanges: Seek assistance from hotel staff, tour guides, or currency exchange shops in city centers for exchanging currency with locals.
  • Gold and jewelry shops: Exchange currency at these establishments while shopping if necessary.

5. Useful Advice for Handling Money in Vietnam

 I have some useful advice for handling your money in Vietnam:

  • Some establishments in Vietnam, such as hotels rated 3 stars or higher, international border crossings, designated entertainment zones for foreigners, and transportation ticket offices, still accept US dollars. However, it’s advisable to have enough Vietnamese dong for expenses.
  • To secure a favorable exchange rate, monitor currency fluctuations before your trip and exchange currency in advance.
  • Before traveling to Vietnam, verify if your card is compatible with local ATMs.
  • Notify your bank before using your credit or debit card in Vietnam to prevent potential account issues due to unusual transactions.
  • For smooth currency exchange at authorized locations, ensure you have your flight ticket, passport, visa, or other immigration documents.
  • I suggest carrying various denominations of currency, including smaller notes, for shopping. In Vietnam, it’s common to use notes ranging from 20,000 VND to 200,000 VND.
  • Exercise caution when distinguishing between 20,000 VND and 500,000 VND banknotes, as they share similar colors but differ significantly in value. Always double-check the numerical figures before making transactions.

The provided details encompass everything you need to know about handling money in Vietnam and utilizing the local currency. Should you have any additional inquiries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or reach out to Sun Getaways Travel for prompt and convenient assistance with your Vietnam travel plans.

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