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A Tourist’s Guide to Phu Quoc Accommodations

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Sun-kissed shores calling your name? Or vibrant coral worlds begging to be explored? Whatever your island dream, Phu Quoc whispers your name. Share your dream vacation vibe in the comments below, and let me find the perfect Phu Quoc haven for you!

Tourists on a budget

Brenta Hotel Phu Quoc

Palm trees swaying by azure waters, your worries melting away in a rainfall shower, and vibrant island life just a step outside your door. This dream becomes reality at Brenta Hotel Phu Quoc, a charming 3-star haven 4.5km from the airport. Choose from 62 cozy rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and refreshing showers. Dive into island life at Coco Bar, a sizzling beachfront hangout 200 meters away, or explore the treasures of Dinh Cau Night Market, a quick taxi ride promising local delights. Brenta Hotel Phu Quoc is your gateway to an unforgettable Phu Quoc escape.

Address: 118 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: $37/night

>>> Booking a night at Brenta Hotel Phu Quoc

Tom Hill Resort & Spa Phu Quoc

Waking up to sun-drenched balconies cradling lush garden views, a gentle sea breeze ruffling your hair. At Tom Hill Resort & Spa Phu Quoc, this isn’t a dream; it’s your new reality. Built-in 2018, this 3-star haven in Duong Dong town boasts 52 sleek rooms and some whispering secrets from private balconies. 24/7 concierge magic awaits, ready to craft your island adventures or fuel your wanderlust with motorbike rentals. Dive into a sparkling pool, pamper yourself in the spa, or savor global flavors at the restaurant. Step outside and feel Duong Dong’s vibrant pulse: feast on street food delicacies, explore the bustling night market, or chase sunsets along the beach. From hidden waterfalls to fiery skies, Tom Hill is your island sanctuary, ready to embrace every whim. Luxuriate, explore and let the ocean whisper its magic. Book your Phu Quoc escape at Tom Hill, and let the adventure begin!

Address: 121 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 7, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: $41/night.

>>> Booking a night at Tom Hill Resort & Spa Phu Quoc

Phu Van Resort Phu Quoc

Imagine waking up to the gentle rhythm of waves serenading you through your window, just 50 steps from the golden sands of Duong Dong Beach. This isn’t a dream, it’s your reality at Phu Van Resort Phu Quoc, a charming 3-star haven where affordability meets island magic.

Picture elegant bungalows and rooms, each a harmonious blend of French architectural flair and modern comfort, whispering promises of relaxation. Dive into a saltwater pool infused with the essence of the island, letting the subtle scent of the sea soothe your senses. When hunger pangs call, embark on a culinary adventure – downstairs, a vibrant buffet awaits, while the rooftop beckons with the sizzle of fresh seafood and succulent BBQ under the twinkling stars.

Phu Van Resort Phu Quoc isn’t just about sun-kissed days and delectable meals. Take a swing on the golf course, melt away stress in the spa, or surrender to the rejuvenating touch of a massage. Every corner here whispers possibilities, from leisurely strolls along the beach to exploring the vibrant heart of Duong Dong town.

Escape the ordinary and let Phu Van Resort Phu Quoc embrace you with affordable island magic. Book your stay today and let the adventure begin!

Address: 126 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 7, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: $40/night.

>>> Booking a night at Phu Van Resort Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc 5-Star Hotels Near Duong Dong Town

Seashells Phu Quoc Hotel & Spa

Seashells Phu Quoc Hotel & Spa, situated on the northwest coast, offers a classic resort experience. This 5-star Phu Quoc hotel boasts a total of 252 spacious and luxurious rooms, many flooded with natural light and featuring impressive sea views. Beyond accommodation, Seashells Phu Quoc includes a pool area, a relaxing spa, a fitness centre, and various dining outlets. With a range of activities for children, it truly proves to be a smart choice for family vacations.

Address: 1 Vo Thi Sau Street, Ward 1, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $83/night.

>>> Have a nice time at Seashells Phu Quoc Hotel & Spa

VinOasis Phu Quoc

VinOasis offers a unique blend of resort and entertainment experiences, seamlessly integrating beachfront apartments, the excitement of Vinpearl Land amusement park, the picturesque Vinpearl Golf course, and a state-of-the-art conference center. This destination is designed to provide not only a luxurious retreat but also a diverse array of activities for all ages.

Imagine spending quality time with your family, surrounded by the serene beauty of Phu Quoc, while indulging in the opulent facilities that VinOasis has to offer. The resort invites you to immerse yourself in a world of comfort and leisure, promising an unforgettable stay in the lap of luxury.

For those planning an escapade to Phu Quoc, this 5-star hotel stands out as the ideal choice, providing a perfect blend of sophistication, relaxation, and entertainment. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or a vibrant family vacation, VinOasis is poised to exceed your expectations and create lasting memories.

Address: 99 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 7, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $83/night.

5-Star Hotels in Southern Phu Quoc

Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay

This dazzling 5-star hotel and resort in Phu Quoc is a masterpiece designed by award-winning architects from Eco-id and Zoo Studio. Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay boasts 308 stylish accommodations, including 11 villas and 21 room blocks, ranging from 40m2 to 411m2. Each room features a spacious balcony overlooking the panoramic views of the cool tropical beach or the pristine greenery surrounding the island.

Immersed in earthy tones and gentle ocean hues, the modern interior draws inspiration from the island’s rich cultural heritage, providing a tranquil resort experience in the beautiful setting along Bai Dai Beach. The design captures the essence of the local people’s island life, blending it seamlessly with the serene ambience of the stunning coastal location.

Address: Bai Dai Tourist Area, Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $83/night.

Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Managed By Accor

Nestled in the southern part of Phu Quoc Island, Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, managed by Accor, stands out as a beacon of international excellence. This resort and hotel complex redefines luxury with its exclusive room blocks that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the mesmerizing emerald-green sea. It presents a compelling option for families and travellers who appreciate a touch of innovation and uniqueness in their accommodation choices.

Every premium room in this resort is a testament to meticulous design, aiming to harmonize the contemporary comforts of modern living with the serene atmosphere of the natural surroundings. The result is an inviting space that seamlessly blends the convenience of modern amenities with the tranquillity and beauty of the island’s landscape.

Beyond the luxurious accommodations, Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay is committed to delivering a holistic experience. The resort is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the desires of those who seek not just a place to stay, but an immersive and unforgettable escape. Whether you’re enjoying the stunning sea views from your room or exploring the resort’s exceptional facilities, every moment is designed to elevate your stay to a level of unparalleled luxury and sophistication.

Address: Khem Beach, An Thoi town, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $74/night.

Pullman Phu Quoc

Nestled along a 150-meter stretch of tropical island coastline, Pullman Phu Quoc’s latest premier resort stands out as a beacon of luxury, just a short 10-minute drive from the airport. This 5-star haven is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate a sophisticated lifestyle experience with facilities that cater to both business and leisure travellers.

The resort boasts a collection of exceptional amenities, including The Lighthouse Bar, a stylish and inviting space perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink with breathtaking views. Pullman Fit, the on-site fitness centre, ensures that guests can maintain their wellness routines during their stay. Additionally, the Connectivity Lounge provides a comfortable and functional space, ideal for those who need to stay connected or work around the clock – and it’s open 24/7.

Pullman Phu Quoc has set a new standard for luxury and convenience, providing a haven for both relaxation and productivity. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or a seamless blend of work and play, this premier resort is poised to exceed your expectations. The 24/7 accessibility of key amenities ensures that guests can make the most of their stay, whenever it suits their schedule.

Address: Ban Quy Hamlet, Duong Bao Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $84/night.

5-Star Hotels in Northern Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Discovery Coastalland Phu Quoc

Address: Bai Dai, Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $84/night.

Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Located at the northernmost tip of Phu Quoc, Fusion Resort Phu Quoc offers luxurious 1, 2, and 3-bedroom villas with private pools amidst a lush green landscape, just steps away from the beach. The spacious accommodations feature a design influenced by Japanese minimalism, providing an almost serene atmosphere, while common areas, such as the expansive park, enhance the sense of openness. The resort’s health and wellness services are tailored to help you dissolve the stresses of work, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this tranquil and relaxing haven.

Address: Bai Bau Ward, Cua Can, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $250/night.

The 6-Star Hotels in Phu Quoc – Pinnacle of Luxury

Regent Phu Quoc

Regent Phu Quoc offers more than just a luxurious stay; it promises a journey immersed in the enchanting beauty of this green island. Picture yourself surrounded by the sparkling waters, finding tranquillity in the private villas that define Regent’s unique charm.

The resort’s restaurant system is not just about dining; it’s a culinary adventure curated by skilled chefs. Expect daily refreshments and mouthwatering snacks that elevate your gastronomic experience.

Your mornings begin with a complimentary daily breakfast, a delightful selection that caters to your preferences. This attention to detail extends to services like laundry and ironing, ensuring that your needs are met with the highest standards of care.

What truly sets Regent apart is its exceptional staff. Handpicked and extensively trained, the team goes above and beyond to ensure your stay is filled with surprises and delights. Each staff member contributes to creating an atmosphere of wonder and satisfaction, making your experience at Regent Phu Quoc truly extraordinary.

Address: Bai Truong, Duong To, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $330/night.

InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach

InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach, to date, stands as one of the finest 5+ star resorts and hotels on Phu Quoc Island. The accommodations boast luxurious and elegant designs, featuring all the amenities to meet the most convenient needs of travelers. Indulge yourself on the oversized, plush beds with specially crafted bed linens made from traditional Vietnamese silk.

For those who seek relaxation, a visit to HARNN Heritage Spa offers a therapeutic escape, or you can embark on a culinary journey exploring unique and delectable dishes from various cultures at one of InterContinental’s six restaurants and bars.

Address: Bai Truong, Duong To, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $130/night.

Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort

Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort is a unique resort featuring 217 villas, each with its private pool, surrounded by the majestic expanse of the deep blue sea on both sides. Therefore, wherever you are in this tropical hideaway, you can always catch a glimpse of the stunning beach from dusk to dawn.

The resort exudes a modern and contemporary style, primarily characterized by luxurious white tones complemented by the vast blue sea, creating a sense of intimacy with this beautiful island paradise. Additionally, you can elevate your holiday experience with exquisite dining options and refreshing drinks, from the elegant beachfront restaurant to the poolside bar.

Address: Ong Doi Cape, An Thoi, Khem Beach, Phu Quoc.

Reference price: From $250/night.

With the above suggestions for beautiful and affordable hotels in Phu Quoc, have you chosen a place that suits you? Sun Getaways Travel has many other hotels that are both beautiful and very good for you. Don’t forget to visit the Sun Getaways Travel Blog to update the latest Phu Quoc travel suggestions such as things to do in Phu Quoc, dining in Phu Quoc, and many other useful travel information waiting for you to explore.

Book a Phu Quoc hotel now and get ready to welcome a memorable vacation at Pearl Island.


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