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Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties

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Halong Bay Foods are a big part of what makes visiting Halong Bay special. This cuisine combines fresh seafood with local ingredients to create dishes that are not only tasty but also full of traditional flavors.

Whether you enjoy street food or fancy seafood meals, Halong Bay Foods have something to please every taste. 

In this article, Sun Getaways Travel will introduce you to the unique dishes and share tips on how to fully enjoy the flavors of Halong Bay Foods.

1. Introduction to Halong Bay Foods

Halong Bay Vietnam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous not just for its beautiful landscapes but also for its unique food. The cuisine here mixes fresh seafood, local ingredients, and flavors from nearby regions. 

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties

1.1. Fresh Seafood

One of the best parts of Halong Bay Foods is its fresh seafood. The bay is full of marine life, offering a wide range of fresh and tasty seafood. From grilled squid to mantis shrimp noodles, the seafood is prepared in various ways, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

1.2. Unique Local Ingredients

The local ingredients used in Halong Bay foods make the dishes special. Ingredients like peanut worms and acorn barnacles might seem unusual, but they are local treats that give you a taste of the region’s rich food traditions. 

1.3. Culinary Influences from Neighboring Regions

Halong Bay Foods also takes inspiration from the food traditions of nearby regions. This mix of flavors and cooking styles results in diverse and delicious dishes. 

2. Top 10+ local Halong Bay Foods you must-try specialties

When you visit Halong Bay, one of the best ways to experience the local culture is through its food. Here are some must-try Halong Bay dishes that will give you a real taste of the region.

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2.1. Cha Muc (Grilled Squid) – The first food of list Halong Bay Foods

Cha Muc, or grilled squid is a must-try dish in Halong Bay Foods. Fresh squid is marinated in a mix of spices and grilled over charcoal, giving it a smoky and savory flavor. The squid is tender and juicy, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists.

It’s typically served with a dipping sauce made from fish sauce, lime, chili, and garlic, adding a tangy and spicy kick. 

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Cha Muc (Grilled Squid)

Sa Sung, also known as peanut worm, is a unique delicacy in Halong Bay Foods. This marine worm has a peanut-like shape and flavor, making it one of the most distinctive foods in the region.

Sa Sung can be eaten raw, providing a fresh and slightly briny taste. When fried, it becomes crispy and savory, making it a popular snack. Grilling Sa Sung brings out its natural sweetness and adds a smoky aroma, making it perfect with a cold drink.

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Sa Sung (Peanut Worm)

2.3. Ngan (Austriella Corrugata)

Ngan, also known as Austriella Corrugata, is a seasonal delicacy popular in the summer. This dish of Halong Bay Foods features the meat of the horseshoe crab, known for its unique texture and rich flavor.

Ngan can be stir-fried to enhance its natural sweetness, grilled for a smoky aroma and crispy texture, or steamed to keep the meat moist and succulent. It’s often served with lemon, chili, and garlic, adding a tangy and spicy kick that complements the rich crab meat.

2.4. Bun Be BeIt’s famous in Halong Bay Foods

Bun Be Be, or noodles with mantis shrimp, is a favorite among locals in Halong Bay Foods. This dish combines the rich flavors of mantis shrimp with the comforting texture of rice noodles.

The broth, made from mantis shrimp and pork bones, is simmered for hours to create a hearty and aromatic soup. Rice noodles are added to the broth, absorbing its delicious flavors.

The dish is topped with fresh mantis shrimp, which add a sweet and slightly briny taste. Fresh herbs and vegetables like cilantro, basil, and bean sprouts provide a refreshing contrast to the rich broth.

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Bun Be Be (Noodles with Mantis Shrimp)

2.5. Banh Gat Gu (Nodding Cake)

Banh Gat Gu, or nodding cake, is a unique in Halong Bay Foods, specially of street food. The name comes from the way the rice cakes lightly nod or bend when picked up, resembling a nodding gesture.

These steamed rice cakes are soft and slightly chewy, served with a savory fish sauce dipping sauce that adds a salty and umami flavor. The sauce often includes lime, chili, and garlic, enhancing the taste.

The dish is topped with fried shallots, peanuts, and fresh herbs. Fried shallots add a crispy element, peanuts provide a nutty flavor, and herbs like cilantro or mint give a refreshing finish.

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Banh Gat Gu (Nodding Cake)

2.6. OystersThe top favorite in Halong Bay Foods

Oysters are a top favorite in Halong Bay Foods. The bay’s clean waters provide the perfect environment for growing some of the freshest and tastiest oysters. 

Grilled oysters are also popular; they are usually topped with garlic butter and herbs for a rich and flavorful dish. Another way to enjoy them is steamed, often served with a dipping sauce made from fish sauce, lime, and chili. 

2.7. Tien Yen Hill Chicken

Tien Yen Hill Chicken is a famous dish from the Tien Yen district in Quang Ninh province. These chickens are free-range, which means they forage naturally, giving their meat a tender and rich flavor. You can cook Tien Yen Hill Chicken in many ways. 

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Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Tien Yen Hill Chicken

Stir-frying the chicken with fresh herbs and spices brings out its natural sweetness.

Grilling the chicken over charcoal gives it a smoky flavor and crispy skin. Roasting the chicken keeps the meat juicy and gives it a golden-brown crust. 

2.8. Chao Ha (Acorn Barnacle Porridge)

Chao Ha, or acorn barnacle porridge, is a unique and healthy dish from Halong Bay. Acorn barnacles are collected from the bay’s rocky shores and are known for their rich, salty flavor and high nutrition. The porridge is made by cooking rice with acorn barnacles until it becomes creamy.

The barnacles give the porridge a deep umami flavor, making it hearty and satisfying. Fresh herbs like cilantro and green onions are often added for extra flavor and color. 

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Chao Ha (Acorn Barnacle Porridge)

2.9. Halong Tapioca YogurtThe refreshing dessert of Halong Bay Foods

Halong Tapioca Yogurt is a refreshing dessert combining creamy yogurt and chewy tapioca pearls. This dessert is popular with both locals and tourists. The yogurt is made from fresh milk and fermented to achieve a smooth and tangy flavor. The tapioca pearls are cooked until soft and chewy, then mixed into the yogurt.

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Halong Tapioca Yogurt

2.10. Sam (Horseshoe Crab)

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Sam (Horseshoe Crab)

Sam, or horseshoe crab, is another unique delicacy in Halong Bay. The meat of the horseshoe crab is known for its rich, slightly sweet flavor and firm texture, making it popular with seafood lovers. You can prepare Sam in various ways. Stir-frying the meat with fresh herbs and spices brings out its natural sweetness. 

  • Grilling the horseshoe crab over charcoal gives it a smoky flavor and crispy texture. 
  • Steaming the crab keeps the meat moist and preserves its natural flavors.

3. Tips for enjoying Halong Bay Foods

Top 10+ Local Halong Bay Foods You Must-Try Specialties
Tips for enjoying Halong Bay Foods
  • Choose Reputable Restaurants
    • Look for well-known restaurants: Check for places known for their quality and hygiene standards. Online reviews and ratings can help you know what to expect.
    • Ask for local recommendations: Locals and tour guides often know the best spots for authentic Halong Bay Foods and can guide you to hidden gems you might not find on your own.
  • Be Adventurous
    • Try new dishes and ingredients: Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and sample local specialties like Sa Sung, Ngan, or Sam.
    • Ask questions about the food: Understanding the ingredients and preparation methods can enhance your appreciation of the dish and make the experience more enjoyable.
  • Savor the Flavors
    • Take your time and enjoy the meal: Eating slowly allows you to fully appreciate the complex flavors and textures of the food.
    • Appreciate the unique flavors: From the rich and savory to the fresh and tangy, each dish tells a story of the region’s culinary heritage.

4. Conclusion

Halong Bay Foods is a delightful part of the overall Halong Bay experience. The region’s food is as unique and breathtaking as its landscapes, offering visitors a rich mix of flavors and textures that reflect the area’s natural resources and cultural heritage.

Whether you are a seafood enthusiast or eager to try unique local dishes, Halong Bay foods have something to cater to every taste. Take the time to enjoy these wonderful dishes, and you will surely create lasting memories of the culinary delights in Halong Bay.

We hope this guide has given you valuable insights and inspiration for your culinary journey in Halong Bay. Enjoy your food adventure and the unforgettable flavors that await you! Besides, visitor can explore some tours below for your trip, you can contact Whatsapp or follow Fanpage for more detailed updates:


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